A Nationwide Creativity Contest

Other nations may have more people than we do, and they may have more money with which to enhance their economy. Their peoples might even have more education. But other countries don’t have something we have, which is freedom. For example, in our country any of us can still start a new business of our own without obtaining anyone’s permission, and make a success of it.

In the past, we’ve invented many things but, rather than build and sell them ourselves, we have allowed other countries to take over. As examples, I cite such items as photographic products, telephones, television, computers, and autos. There are more. Shouldn’t we invent new products and then lead the world in their manufacture as well?

All we need is a little help. I propose our government sponsor a contest for the suggestions of new products to develop and sell throughout the world. Creativity is our special talent. I believe we are the most innovation people on earth. At present, some of us might have ideas for real breakthroughs but do not have the funds with which to develop them. There might ideas lying dormant that could be for products that could revolutionize our economy as much as such items as computers, cell phones, and digital cameras already have.

The contest would be open to anyone in the country. To become a contestant, a person would describe his or her idea for an invention and what it would be used for. The person would state the principle/s upon which it is based and tell how it would be manufactured. Further, the individual would suggest how the product would be used by people, not only in this country, but also, through the world. The contest would be judged and winners financially assisted in the manufacturing. I think doing this could lead to an avalanche of new products resulting in many new jobs. There is no limit as to what could be produced if we allow our innovative genius to be unleashed.

We would also need to find ways to ensure that we continue to build and sell the inventions ourselves!

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