A Poetic Expression by ZeN: You and Me = Forever

You and Me = Forever

I’m not famous, and by far I’m not the finest.
I’m not royalty in linguistic lineage
I don’t write to be heard, by the masses
Not to be the top dog or to be fastes
I just lay it down, so that I can be proud
Of having an opinion and expelling it loud
Now if all of my commotion riles up a crowd
It will only encourage me to increase my shout
But the thing that most, matters, that truly, flatters
Is the way that from you, I always receive clamors
Because from the get-go, you were my foundation
Giving me needed motivation, and needed attention
Right from the beginning, Right there you were reading,
Right there you were sitting, and telling me it was fitting
For a greater stage.
To always have faith.
To not be afraid and just walk thru the gates..
Of ambition, and you proved your worth with your repetition,
Always from you, is where I always gain my ambitions.
And I appreciate ever time you told me quite different,
When I said this crap is nothing but horrific.
Let me say that your attention has been terrific.
Even if, often times, I’ve been horrifically insipid.
You and Me = Forever
And that’s why, I write, to you, these letters.

– ZeN
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