A Positive Approach to Healthy Eating

In America, many of us can’t go long without experiencing some type of food craving for our favorite can of sweet, heavenly soda or a mouth-watering stack of burgers when we’re hungry. Unfortunately, if we allow these things to become a part of our daily intake, our desire to eat only healthy foods is pretty much unreachable. I’m not saying you can’t eat when you get hungry but simply that you replace the foods and drinks your consuming now with a healthy alternative.


If you’re a big fan of soda, then you’ll need to find a healthy liquid replacement. For that reason, I’m not going to insist that you replace a drink that’s this sweet with tasteless water. Instead, I encourage you to start drinking a couple of cups of tea a day since tea is a naturally tasteful herbal drink that’s good for your overall health. It’s healthiest when you drink it alone without adding any sweeteners. Since there are many to choose from, I recommend my favorite, which is green tea. For the last month or so, I’ve been drinking this three times a day and it helps to keep me in good spirits and does wonders for keeping my appetite at bay so that I don’t find myself overeating like I used to.

Turkey Burgers

Turkey burgers are a wonderful substitute to regular hamburgers and can be quite delicious. In fact, the popular weight loss television program known as “The Biggest Loser” has suggested this alternative to its contestants by cooking them on the grill. After trying these, I can almost guarantee that you’ll find yourself asking why you never switched to these before.


Are you addicted to the overpowering sugary taste of brownies? If your answer is yes, then you’ll need to replace this crave with something else that’s also sweet but nutritional. That being said, I believe fruits are the perfect alternative because they are everything that brownies aren’t: they’re rich in natural sugar and more importantly, they’re healthy. Because the calories are so low in fruits, you don’t need to succumb to the hassle of counting all the calories in fear that you went over your limit.


Think of vegetables as a snack rather than that something that you always have to avoid when you’re in the fridge looking around for food. Replace any unhealthy, salty snacks such as potato chips with leafy green vegetables and snack on these whenever you get hungry in between meals. Like me, you’ll probably soon discover that they aren’t half as bad as you always considered them to be.

By replacing your old habits with some new healthy ones, you’ll find that you are no longer a victim to unhealthy foods and drinks that taste just as good as the healthy ones.

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