A Review and Tips for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – Domination

Any gamer these days know that Call of Duty is the hottest first person shooter currently on the market. No, you may not like the series; yes, the game may make you more annoy you till no end; but you’ve got to respect the series in a sense that it is highly addictive, and there is that little somethin` extra in it that makes some players come back for more.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, one of the many game types is Domination. The objective in Domination is to cap as many flags as possible and get your score, which accumulates over time, to 200. Your team’s score accumulates depending on how many points are captured. For example, if your team has points A and C, your team accumulates two points every three seconds. If your team has one point, for example – like point B – then your team accumulates one point every three seconds. If your team is “dominating”, which means they have captured all three points simultaneously, then your team gets three points every three seconds.

What makes Domination so great is the ability to rack up serious points. Every time you capture a point, you get additional points, and it also adds to your strike package count. While this may not be incredibly helpful for the Assault Package, it is great for players trying to get high-end Support Package streaks such as the almighty EMP, which, when triggered, disables all enemy electronics and takes away their mini-map (unless they’re utilizing Assassin Pro). This subsequently help players gain more experience points since they can cover more challenges easier.

The following are some tips for Domination:
-Run with a partner or two. Capturing the points is lengthy alone, so you’re more prone to death, especially due to a lack of cover. Having a teammate (or two) gives you additional cover, takes the points at a faster rate and allows you to push through to the next point easier, as you have more firepower available.
-Have someone run support. Support is paramount when it comes to winning in any game, and Domination is no different. If your opponents have two captures point, a nice UAV (or even better – an Advanced UAV) will show where the enemies are, so you and your teammates can go and capture the less-guarded point.
-Explosives are your friend. Bouncing betties, claymores, C4 and so on. Put these explosives on or near your captured objective points; this way enemies will either be killed in the process of taking the point, or you’ll be notified when an enemy is in the area. It is best to put these explosives in corners and areas where they’re not initially seen by enemy players.

-Defense if your best offense. If your whole team is running around going for points and you keep losing your own, there is a problem. The best strategy is to not only go for objective points, but to also defend the one(s) that you currently have. Am I saying that everyone should sit back at a point and camp? No, but it is best to leave a guy or two behind to patrol the immediate objective point area. This way they’re proactively killing all opponents rushing to the objective, but they’re not sitting stationary in a single corner.

-Communication is key. This element can be pressed to any game mode, so Domination is no different. The only difference is how communication, as well as the tactics involved. Players need to realize that most other players will take the paths of least resistance – the most open and busiest of passages to get to objectives. For example, in Arkaden, for Domination Point A, most players, from C, will go to the escalator area instead of going through the Domination point B area or taking the ground level to the bottom of the escalators. Use this information to your advantage, and flank from the unused passages and positions. This is easier to do than in, lets say, Team Deathmatch, where there is no primary objective points or locations like in Domination. Use communication to set up flanks and to wrap around objective points to make successful captures.

Remember: Take this time to try new Strike Package setups, as capping objective points adds towards your streak, making it easier to obtain these streaks. The added experience points from the challenges quickly add up.

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