A Review of Gabe Dixon’s ‘One Spark.’

Gabe Dixon’s “One Spark” has a little Five for Fighting and Billy Joel in it. The “one spark” actually consists of a few potential hit songs for this contemporary pop album. The songs, “Strike,” “My Favorite” and “I Can See You Shine,” may bring Dixon to the top of the charts, but for the most part, “One Spark,” stays consistently middle of the road throughout the album.

Dixon had the opportunity to get his name out when he was asked by music legend Paul McCartney to be his keyboardist on a previous tour but the singer/pianist declined the invitation to release the album, “On a Rolling Ball.” Who knows what would have come out of this relationship with the former Beatle and how it would have affected “One Spark.”

“One Spark” is a decent album; it’s just not one I would listen to over and over. I mentioned Five for Fighting and Billy Joel, and with respect to both these comparisons, it was merely to give people an idea of what to expect.

Five for Fighting is a fantastic pop effort and Billy Joel is, well, Billy Joel. Dixon offers nice background music but I don’t expect superstardom to come out of this album. What I do expect is a nice living for Gabe Dixon doing what he loves doing – playing music.

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