A-Rod Will Have a Great 2012 with 50 Home Runs Thanks to Orthokine Treatment

Alex Rodriguez will return to form. Get ready for a 2012 season in which A-Rod hits close to 50 home runs and excels defensively at third base.

If Curtis Granderson continues to shine, Mark Teixeira avoids a prolonged slump and Derek Jeter and Brett Gardner set the table, Rodriguez could drive in at least 125 runs and bat around .300.

Rodriguez traveled to Germany for Orthokine therapy, which is not banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) or Major League Baseball. Orthokine therapy is not allowed in the land of the free or in Canada.

The New York Yankees approved of the treatment, which should improve the condition of Rodriguez’ right knee and shoulder. General manager Brian Cashman said the Yankees wanted Rodriguez to be treated by the best doctor. which meant a trip to Germany.

Obviously Alex is our biggest investment, and so we agreed to allow him to go the extra miles to go to Germany to have it done,” said Cashman.

According to Dr. Lewis Maharam, Orthokine, “…one of the possible triggers of joint disease is thought to be the protein interleukin-1 (IL-1). This protein is an important part of the body’s immune system and has the ability to alter the function of other cells. IL-1… can also trigger inflammatory processes that lead to degeneration and breakdown of cartilage.”

The treatment helps to overcome the negative effects of IL-1 and uses an individual’s own blood to heal.

Many physicians claim that there have not been studies to evaluate the effectiveness of the Orthokine procedures, a claim that is dubious at best and suspect at worst.

A study published in the renown journal Osteoarthritis and Cartilage confirm the safety and effectiveness of Orthokine therapy.

The FDA as well as the pharmaceutical industry frown upon innovative or alternative medicine because it cuts into profits. Vitamin D, which is inexpensive and effective when compared to prescription drugs, is an example.

Vitamin D may help against the common cold, reduce the risk of developing multiple sclerosis and help the brain to continue to function properly as one ages.

Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees should be praised for pulling out all the stops. There is a high likelihood that the Orthokine treatment will be successful.

The least one can expect is that A-Rod will have a better season in 2012 than he had last year.

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