A Special Present

It was Christmas Eve, and Santa Claus, his reindeer, and elves were almost all ready to be off on their way for their long night of delivering presents to the whole world. They were about the start their take off from the North Pole, when one of Santa’s best elves runs out to him in a panic.

“Wait! Wait! Mr. Claus! Wait!”

Santa replied, “What is it, Theo?”

“You almost forgot this!” He held out a present meant for a special little girl who lived in Arizona. This present was a last minute one that the girl decided she wanted only a couple days before. Usually something like this doesn’t happen with the lists from children, but this young girl made it know that she wanted this present so bad.

“Thank you, little one,” Santa said with a smile.

They were on their way again, soaring above cities and towns, making stops at every house to leave gifts for many and put smiles on their faces. When Santa got to Arizona and to the little girl’s house, he stopped his sleigh and reindeer on her roof. He slide down the fireplace to find that the house was very nice inside. The fireplace was big, which he appreciated. The tree was big with plenty of presents, and there were cookies, many cookies for him to eat. He appreciated that the most.

After setting all the presents out in a beautiful display, he was just about to put down that special present the girl had asked him for, when he heard a noise coming from behind him. He turned around quick and startled to find a little blonde haired, blue eyed girl.

“You must be Vienna,” Santa said.

“I know you. You’re Santa!” She was amazed that he was only a few steps in front of her. He handed her her present and asked her why she wanted this present so bad.

She opened it up and pulled out a little toy dog.

“I wanted to puppy to take care of.” She smiled.

Santa smiled too. In fact, it was the biggest he had ever smiled because he knew that he made the little girl so happy. He eat the rest of the cookies with Vienna and then had to be on his way. He went back up the chimney and onto his sleigh to finish his last houses, but he would never forget the smile when he gave to the girl after giving her the small puppy toy. That was his Christmas present.

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