A Target Market Can Improve Your Coaching

In an economy where businesses struggle to get more clients everywhere, targeting may seem like a big mistake to many of you. I’m sure you believe that once you target a market, you limit your possibilities of having more clients from other markets, and therefore you cannot increase your income.

Let me reassure you that experience has shown otherwise. In fact, the more you target a specific market, the more clients and revenue you get. Once you determine your target clientele, you could develop your activity 10 times faster, meaning that you will get 10 times more clients. And you don’t even have to coach everyone on everything.

First of all, effective targeting means that you must specialise in a specific problem. You must show your clients that you are a specialist on the market, that you know exactly what their problems are and you also know how to solve those problems. They will prefer to work with an expert, and will pay good money for that expertise, rather than a generalist.

The way you see targeting shows if you are ready to do it or whether you realise how much it can help your coaching business. Being reluctant or sceptical is not a bad thing, but once it has proven itself as a very effective strategy, you cannot just ignore it. The reasons why you think you cannot use targeting are many and varied, but here are some examples of why you should include targeting in the development of your business.

1. You do not want to exclude anyone.

I’m sure you want to help as many people as possible, but that is not realistic. You just cannot coach everybody, because you don’t have the time to do it. And once you coach everyone on everything, you are perceived as a generalist, and that will not get you more clients, quite the contrary. As I said before, when they have a problem, people prefer a specialist to handle it, because they know he or she has more expertise in that specific area.

2. You want your target to find you.

Well, this is an interesting point of view, but how do you expect people to find you if they don’t even know you exist in their market? It doesn’t take expensive marketing campaigns to let people know you are the expert they need. All you need to do is deliver the message they need to hear, show them you specialise in their specific problem and you have all the means and the tools to help them reach their goals.

3. You do not want to specialise in only one particular type of coaching.

It doesn’t mean you have to. You will discover that during your sessions, the issues you tackle shift from one subject to another, and you cannot advise your client on just one problem. Moreover, if you have the necessary skills, the proper products and programmes, your coaching can expand to other areas, thus enabling you to help more people at once. This means you must pay attention to your clients’ needs, and you will discover that there are always more problems to solve than you first thought.

Always remember that when you focus on a minority market, your chances of being heard by the entire community are increased. They can easily understand your message and relate to it, because they know it is addressed to them in particular, not to a larger group of people. They take a personal meaning from it and know that you can commit to solving their problems, that you understand their situation and know exactly how they feel and what they need.

The right market and the right target are the fastest and easiest ways to develop your business, to get more clients and increase your revenue. This is, after all, the formula for success you have been trying to discover for years – to help you develop a successful coaching business.

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