A Trip Down Memory Lane – Hanukah Edition

Hanukkah is about 2 weeks away! Just thinking about it makes me happy; celebrating Hanukkah with my family over the years. Some of my best memories of Hanukkah include the family play we used to have every year. Can you imagine 20-30 kids from various ages practicing for weeks to put on a play for 150+ people, including family and friends?

It’s amazing how we were able to come up with so many different ideas over the years. Usually a few of my aunts, and my mom would help pull everything together. One particular Hanukkah about 10 years ago, we acted out a family who invited a bear, played by one of my cousins, to join the family. We even went out and searched far and wide to find a bear mask that my mom still has to this day. We’d retell the story of Hanukkah through many different characters over the years. I’m not sure why this particular character sticks out to me; it’s the first example that came to my mind. Most importantly, we remember the miracles that occurred in the story.

In addition to a play that we’d put on each year, we’d sing joyous Hanukkah songs. We’d sing songs like “I Have a Little Dreidel.” One year two of my male cousins made the song a rap. “Dre-dddre-dreeidel, I made it out of clay, and when it’s dry and ready, now dreidel, I shall play,” were some of the lyrics. Another song we’d sing is called “Nerli” which means my candle. Only the females sang and danced to “Nerli.” Six or seven of us girls would dance in a circle holding hands and dressed in a pink leotard, tootoo, and ballet slippers. As I’m thinking this, the song is currently playing in my head.

Sadly, I’m not able to go through every single memory of Hanukkah that I’ve had. The two that I mentioned are very special to me because my family no longer performs a play Hanukkah. At least I’ll always have the memories…

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