A Truth About Weight-Loss and Health

Weight-loss Myths and Facts

In support of my goal to complete a Spartan Man marathon in the coming year I’ve decided to talk about some of the methods I will use to prepare for this grueling race. I will also share some of the habits and tricks I have used to shed 50pounds of fat over the past three years and keep it off. I know that many people today are seeking a healthier more active lifestyle. I hope that I can share some effective methods to help you realize those goals and keep the hard earned results you will achieve. Before we begin though I must reiterate that weight-loss in and of itself, should never be your goal. The physique that many people aspire to today is the result of a complete and balanced lifestyle not crash diets and extreme workouts.

Myth number one

Cardio is the best way to lose weight and cut fat. This outdated lie has persisted in American myth long after numerous studies have shown it to be untrue. First and foremost Cardio is great for building endurance and increasing your lungs ability to move and absorb oxygen. Unless you are training for a marathon though, skip the treadmill. Besides anyone who has ever run a marathon will tell you that running on a machine is nothing like the real thing in effort or experience. The problem with cardio is that while it does burn calories that burn lasts only as long as your exercise session. As soon as you stop so does the effect. Additionally the calories the average person will burn in an hour long workout are just not enough to seriously impact your fat stores. During cardio exercise the main fuel utilized by the body is carbohydrates not fat. If you are looking for serious fat loss invest in interval training and circuit routines.

Circuits and intervals mix light weights with high reps to work and tone muscle while increasing heart rate. These types of exercise also build what is referred to as functional strength; Think firefighters and soldiers. By engaging your muscles in the workouts, your body triggers a metabolic increase that persists for up to 48 hours after your workout ends. In other words even after you stop your body is still at an elevated level of calorie burn. If you work out every other day your body literally remains at this elevated metabolic state continuously. You are triggering your body’s own metabolism to burn calories 24 hours a day at a rate higher than normal. Additionally muscle tissue burns more calories at rest than other tissues in your body. The more lean muscle you can add to your body the more calories you will burn just sitting or going about your regular day. It’s the work out that keeps working for you long after you stop. If you simply enjoy running, take your sessions outdoors into uneven terrain. The scenery will engage your mind while testing your balance and equilibrium.

Ladies contrary to what you may have been taught working out with weights will not make you big or unfeminine looking. Body builders use routines involving heavy weights, lengthy workouts, and protein supplements to achieve the size they are aiming for. They literally have to work above and beyond to add size. A modest weight routine every other day will not turn you into monster ladies. What weights will do though is add shape, tone, and definition to your muscles. A well rounded rear and sleek sexy legs are the result of exercise and work not genetics. I promise you, pick out any star with a nice back bumper and she will tell you that squats, and hip raises are involved. Yoga is also a great routine for women to adopt; these disciplines use breathing, poses, and focus to target and strengthen the muscles of your skeleton. Combined with a regular exercise routine this is a great way to build that long lithe figure many women are looking for. Additionally yoga offers benefits in peace of mind and is a great stress reliever.

If you truly want to shed fat and tone your body, I cannot urge you enough to start working out at least four times a week for an hour at a time. Adopt one of the many circuit routines or interval programs available from reputable sources and tailor it to your fitness level and just start. Don’t worry about numbers or reps, but aim just to complete it. If you commit and apply yourself to each work out I promise you that the results will come quicker than you think. Rodale publishing has many books available in bookstores and online to guide you along the way. I recommend the Big Book of Exercise for men and women. It’s filled with detailed descriptions of thousands of exercises and hundreds of routines. Additionally they contain information on diet and health to help you maximize your results.

Tomorrow we will explore Myth Number Two; eliminating fat from your diet to lose weight. In the meantime take the information I have given you above and do some research of your own. I am not an expert and have never claimed to be. I have used many methods over the years and achieved a permanent result but it did not happen overnight. One of the best things you can do in your goals for healthier living is to educate yourself about the facts of exercise and the way your body functions. Go online check out some websites. I as usual, highly recommend the MensHealth and WomensHealth magazine websites. I have followed their guidelines for most of my adult life and found them to be trustworthy and accurate in their claims and recommendations. Good luck for now and remember if you are serious about your goals in life and want to make a change for the better, I support you. I can be contacted at [email protected] Until tomorrow be well.

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