A Woman’s Guide to the Internet: Creating Your Own Carnival at Blog Carnival

If you’ve previewed lesson one, and tried to submit your present blog to one of the Carnivals at Blog Carnival and just can’t seem to find the right one – Help is here! Yes, you can start your own Carnival and submit a daily blog. All these small steps will get your WordPress page coverage and more visibility.

Lesson 2

How to Begin a Carnival at Blog Carnival

Sign up at Blog Carnival. Wait for confirmation email. (If you haven’t done so in Lesson 1) Log in. On the left, pick “Organize new Carnival” A new window opens. Name your carnival. Be sure to think of keywording when doing this. Fill in information depicting your new Carnival. Steer language towards keywording. Fill in other content areas that are pertinent to your content. All areas do not need to be filled in. Click add. Go back and follow lesson one to submit your present blog. DONE!

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