Aaron Rodgers Seething Over GQ’s Mark Sanchez Spread

Does it get any better than the 2011 NFL season opener – one recent Super Bowl champion (Packers- for those of you who are accidentally reading this) and the other a past Super Bowl champion. The quarterback matchup is also very intriguing – two franchise quarterbacks, both Super Bowl MVPs. Surprisingly so, the rumour mill is heating up again. The word on the street is that Aaron Rodgers is very upset over a snub by GQ. Apparently, Mark Sanchez of the NY Jets is a hotter commodity than Rodgers, even though he is the MVP quarteback of the Super Bowl championsGreen Bay Packers.

Let’s talk about the game…..Drew Brees has amassed 22,918 yards passing since joining New Orleans. Wide receiver Marques Colston had 84 catches for 1,023 yards last year, becoming first Saints player with 1,000-plus yards receiving four of his first five NFL seasons. … Saints were 2-2 in preseason. … Green Bay : Super Bowl champions who had some marquee players on the sideline during their Super Bowl run last season. Not to forget that the Packers have won four straight season openers.

The Saints are a winner of three of the past four meetings with the Packers, including the 2008 matchup when New Orleans gave the Packers a classing whupping and scored 51 points.

The saints showed us very little during the pre-season to convince us that their run defense is not as porous as everyone thinks it might be. Mark Ingram, the rookie tailback could be the playmaker if he is ready for the grand stage. Expect Dom Capers to blitz Drew Brees and that’s where Ingram could be the difference.

There are many intangibles in this game – the Drew Brees financed volunteer strike workout and let’s not forget everybody goes really hard against the Super Bowl champions.
Would Aaron Rodgers be ticked off enough to put up his best numbers yet? Don’t forget, Green Bay is at their full strength, and the veterans sidelined for the Super Bowl may still want to prove something.
Personally, I think the Saints are going to win the game 24 – 17.

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