Abuse of the American Workforce

The absurdity is getting greater. I have been working reduced hours at work for almost a year now. They say times are slow. Today I spent hpurs looking for work. Most technical companies today want an online application. But then unemployment compensation sends me this letter, which says that I am only working part time, and their determination is I don’t want to work so no more unemployment.

Now over a year ago I got a full time job at an American corporation working in my field. I was even promised and getting over time. Wow great it what the district manager set up. But then I forced to reveal that a low level manger was harassing me. I am over 40 and had dealt with stuff before so I had kept my mouth shut. But I think another manager said something. It was kind of like a pirate ship hazing, shower room, high school boys crude gutter type bulling and I was a new coming pawn.

But I am not a high school boy so when the games affected my work I called corporate soon after that my overtime went away. Then my hours got cut and I was sent to down in to the lower galleys to row so to speak. But you don’t speak up they threaten I would have believable accidents if I speak up about the rats nest, broken glass in the ice bins, and flesh eating bacteria that an employee got at work where the public is.

Now the government does not want to continue unemployment compensation, which they force the employer and me to pay. Which is really funny because I have been looking for work even though they side I did not need to do a work search.

Butt in the end it’s not about getting a job done any more is it. If you are older and don’t play they games like they did in high school. Or jump like a new recruit in the military or be PC correct well the privilege of work is denied. Even though others who are new or illegal, etc can get hand outs from government or employers. Because you know when they pay into the bankrupt Social Security system with an illegal number they won’t get anything back. And you can treat them much worse because where they come from its even worse.
Life is good.

PS IF they find me along the road it probably was not an accident.

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