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Facebook is blocked all over the place. Workplaces, schools, public wifi, and entire countries blocked Facebook for a number of different reasons. Wasting time, questionable content, and national security are some of the top reasons to block the site. Well, we’re not all a bunch of lazy, perverted terrorists, and it’s pretty lame that the mistakes of other ruins it for everyone. So I’ll tell you have to access blocked sites like Facebook with a proxy.

First, there are a couple different categories of proxies you can go for. Open proxies, web based proxies, and premium proxies are different types of services/websites you can use to access blocked sites. Here’s the scoop.


Chances are, you’re a student. Without the money to pay for a proxy service, you’re going to have to get something for free. Your school knows how the minds of young people work, and he’s probably got your school network firewalled tighter than..well..we’ll say very tight. Though your friend told you about web based proxies, chances are that the good sites are already blocked, and using slow proxies to unblock sites defeats the purpose. Use open proxies. Find a list of proxy IP addresses on Google, and type the IP address/port number into the manual proxy settings on your Internet browser. This will redirect your traffic outside of your school network, and you’ll be able to get on Facebook, YouTube, and other banned sites.


Much like school, you’ve still got someone breathing down your neck trying to keep you on task. However, your boss may make the erroneous assumption that his employees won’t make too much of an effort to unblock the sites he’s blocked with the company firewall. I think web based proxies are good idea (Open proxies will work too). By connecting to a web based proxy website, and typing the banned URL into the browser area, you’ll be able to surf blocked sites on your company network. When you close the browser, there will be no evidence.

Government bans

If you live in China, Vietnam, Iran, or another country that bans sites, lots of these free options may be unavailable. A premium service is probably going to be the best Facebook proxy for you. This is because their server locations are more secret, their sites are more secure, and their better bandwidth means you’ll be able to access their proxy server more efficiently from anywhere in the world.

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