Acceting Payments Online Without Paypal

Im sure those who spend a lot of time online knows that the most popular online payment system is Paypal. Paypal doesnt offer its services to the adult industry and if caught using for any adult transaction your account will be suspended. I am sure you are asking thinking “how in the hell do I get paid then if paypal is cut out of the picture?!”. Although Paypal isnt available through most sites, I have found the most used and best ways to get paid online without using paypal.

The number one payment system offered by almost ALL websites so far is Payoneer. If you are new on your journey as a sexy person online, I suggest signing up for your payoneer account now, so you can access to your earnings quicker. Payoneer will send you a prepaid mastercard in the mail which you will need to activate it on their website once you receive it. Payments are secure, fast, and quick. You have easy access to your account and can manage it online. The best thing about Payoneer is that for a $5 fee, you can instant access to your earnings immediately instead of having it transfered to another bank account and have to wait up to 5 business days for it to clear and have access. The downside is their fees for using the card are a little high. Below are the fees that Payoneer charges.

AlertPay is another way to accept payments. AlertPay is just like Paypal, and in my opinion better. You are able to send and recieve payments online with AlertPay, and you can withdraw from AlertPay
by transferring to a bank account, transfer to a credit/debit card, or request a check. AlertPay is quick with sending out your check after you make a request. You can also withdraw by bank wire, bank transfer, or your AlertPay prepaid card, (AlertPay card is only available to specific memebers.) Click here for more information about withdrawing from AlertPay.

Another way to recieve your earnings is through check, which means you have to wait for a check to come in the mail. Waiting for that check can really suck, especially when you need the money. I personally like AlertPay, and recommend accessing your earnings through them to avoid paying Payoneer’s ridiculous fees.

You see! There is a way to get paid without Paypal! And you didnt think it was possible! :)

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