Acupuncture and Drug Addiction

Acupuncture and Drug Addiction

Traditional Chinese medicine can be a alternative path with respect to recovery for a number of drug addicts and alcoholics. When a drug addict or alcoholic is recovering, the physical and psychological urge to find another fix as well as get one more drink is often too much to handle. In cases where the addict can get past that sensation, certainly there is much more hope for one more successful day on the path to recovery. At this time there are an assortment of chemical products to reduce that feeling, like the nicotine patches to help individuals to give up smoking. Interestingly, an important benefit of working with acupuncture is that it makes use of virtually no chemicals in the procedure, can easily be useful for a variety of destructive habits, and is rather economical when compared to anything else.

Today I want to take a look into a medical clinic that makes use of acupuncture to treat recovering users. Prior to the clinic using acupuncture, it had been a bit loud and never a good place to end up. Now the treatment room has plenty of clients together, each relaxing in a chair. Every patient sits with 5 long, fine needles inserted into each ear. Depending upon the patient, a few in addition have acupuncture needles in their hands, arms, or feet. When it’s time to take out the fine needles, they usually are removed by the acupuncture practitioner, or perhaps an assistant, or even by some clients at the appropriate time. Needles remain in the client for around forty-five minutes. Chairs usually are arranged so that the clients are able to see and speak with one another if they would like. Whenever they share experiences, new clients are helped who may be worried about the use of acupuncture or are afraid of the needles. Everyone in the room, even when filled with many often struggling addicts, is usually very relaxed and peaceful.

What exactly are the advantages in using acupuncture for a recovering addict? A good number of of the recovering addicts describe a relieve from that sensation that contends they need to find a fix or a drink to survive. Typically the affected person describes it as being the feeling you get at home after a long day at work, relaxing with your feet up in your favorite chair. The effect from the therapy will last for about a day, and for that reason newly recovering addicts are booked for day-to-day treatments. Men and women who are dry alcoholics may come by on a regular basis, or whenever they feel the need for another acupuncture treatment. A good number of dry alcoholics are usually fine provided that their everyday life is not difficult. However, if a family challenge develops at home or on the job, that recognizable feeling gets strong once again. During these episodes an acupuncture clinic is an incredible help, because it affects a true bodily alternation in the person.

Detox clinics that utilize acupuncture in their program use it in a comprehensive plan, wherein the acupuncture treatments are the initial therapy that a patient will take. A standard clinic will schedule a brand new sufferer for daily acupuncture treatments, and also at each session, require a test sample to be sure the patient has not used drugs or alcohol during the previous day. Following 10 “clean” days, the person is believed to be in acceptable shape to begin additional therapy, most often a twelve step program. Acupuncture treatments continue during this period. If a patient has a relapse, he or she simply begins over again with the 10 day acupuncture treatment.

Making use of acupuncture in recovery programs boasts sure benefits, cheaply and with good support of the physical and mental health of the recovering addicts. Acupuncture is one more instance where the use of traditional Chinese medicine incorporates healing in all areas: physical, mental, and emotional.

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