Once or twice in a generation a performer comes along that eclipse all others. In our not to distant past there was Elvis and Michael Jackson. This generation it is Adam Lambert. Adam Lambert is currently the best male vocalist and live entertainer in the business, yet he was ignored at the MTV Awards in Europe and has been snubbed at many others. Tonight we got to hear Justin Bieber, a cute, talented young heartthrob and Bruno Mars, a raspy voiced crooner and songwriter. Katy Perry and Lady Ga Ga were both exceptional entertainers, but the man who owned the night and stole the show at the European Music Awards was not there to be honored for his own achievements, but was there performing as a guest of Queen. Queen was there to receive their “Global Icon” award.

From the moment Queen took the darkened stage at Belfast’s Odyssey Arena with Adam Lambert, appearing in silhouette, and Lambert began to sing, magic filled the air. Queen started with the “Show Must Go On,” then performed “We Will Rock You,” and finished with “We Are the Champions”, the very same song Lambert sang with Queen on the night Season 8 of American Idol revealed the winner. No other performance tonight had entertainers with this level of virtuosity.

Adam Lambert is not Freddy Mercury, but he is a vocalist and showman of the same caliber. May and Taylor picked Lambert to sing because they know that he is a vocalist that can sing their music. It was apparent by the expressions on the faces of Dr. Brian May and Mr. Roger Taylor that they were appreciating Lambert’s incredible vocal talent. Men who have sold over 300 million albums and stood next to Freddie Mercury while performing recognize greatness. Adam Lambert is an extraordinary singer and spectacular performer. No living person can match his drama and talent on stage today. Yet Adam Lambert is the Ron Paul of the music industry.

Why has the pop music industry failed to embrace Adam Lambert? Not one performer tonight tweeted about the Queen performance. No male singer today can match Lambert vocally or can own the stage like he can. Is it because Adam Lambert became famous as a result of American Idol? Country Music has no problem in embracing American Idol stars like Carrie Underwood or Scotty McCreery. Adam Lambert’s performance tonight should wake up the non -believers. Adam Lambert is not a flash in the pan brought to fame by a reality show, but a serious talent who can stand the test of time. No one matched Lambert’s vocals tonight, yet others took home the trophies.

Adam Lambert is not just a great entertainer, but also is a man of substance. In his short time in the spotlight he has helped raise over a million dollars for charity. Adam Lambert’s character and humility showed through tonight when he embraced and honored Queen and did not draw the spotlight to himself.Adam Lambert absolutely out sang every other performer. Lambert was right at home as the front man for an iconic band.

Lambert is on the verge of releasing his sophomore album early next year and will soon be releasing his first single from that album this month. Lambert’s fans across the globe eagerly anticipate his first single and second album. I have no doubt that this album will be a fabulous success. The question is, when will Adam Lambert, the mega talent of this generation, be embraced by the music industry?

Adam Lambert’s Performance:

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury “Show Must Go On”

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