ADHD – What to Avoid During Sexual Intimacy

It’s a problem to most partners dealing with sexual intimacy especially if you have ADHD. You must learn how to avoid the negative actions in order to satisfy each other and avoid conflicts in your relationship. ADHD has symptoms that create the problem during the sexual intimacy. These symptoms are being inattentive, out of focus, easily get bored, and easily get distracted.

It is significant to learn the ADHD symptoms in order for you to avoid problems as you do the act. To have a successful relationship, having a satisfying sexual intimacy with your partner is vital. You must both share the satisfaction in order to enjoy your togetherness as a couple. Though to some, sex is just a plain sexual act with no emotions involve, to some partner it is really something to look forward to have a wonderful relationship together.

As you learn the ADHD symptoms, you can avoid this following act during the activity:

The ADHD partner tries to hide fact that his or her attention is wandering or he or she is getting out of focus. You could avoid the unfairly blaming of your partner because of the inattention or wandering. Having thoughts that you are an incompetent lover. You ADHD partner might avoid the sexual intimacy without any reasons at all but on the other hand felt the shame about telling it.

In cases that these acts might be possible, make sure to confront your partner of what’s really going on with your sexual relationship. Or else, this would lead your partner to feel sexual rejection or the thought that they are not good enough for you. Remember that this could also be destructive to a person’s view to its self-esteem and of course to your relationship as well.

Don’t say words that might offend your partner. Such as saying, “it’s better to watch a movie than doing this.” This certainly would hurt your partner and would cause sexual trauma as well.

On the other hand, you could always say, “Darling, you know I love you. But I really had a hard time dealing with my inattentiveness and distraction. Can you help me on how to deal with this and let’s find ways on how work this out?” This would positively create an openness and understanding to the feeling s of each other.

So, be open with your ADHD partner in your sexual relationship.

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