Adult Costume Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is approaching. Are you stuck on an idea for a costume? You say you are an adult why would I need a costume? You may want to dress up and go out for a change. You may want to attend that Halloween party your friends raves about each year. You may want to throw your own Halloween party this year. You may just want to dress up while you hand out candy for the trick or treaters. You may just want to do something fun for a change.

Think about it. Wasn’t it fun when you were a child and you got to dress up for Halloween? For that one night, you got to become anyone you wanted. You got to be your fantasy. You got to be your icon or that character you loved. Wouldn’t you love to do that again? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Your Favorite Comic Book Hero

As a child, who was your favorite comic book hero? Did you love Spiderman, Superman or Batman? Would you enjoy becoming that hero for a night?

Favorite Or Not So Favorite Politicians

Do you just really like some politicians? Do you really enjoy making fun of them? This is your night to shine. Go to your nearest costume shop, look for a mask that mimics their face, dress like them and then practice repeating their key phrases.

Favorite Characters From The Past

Have you always dreamed of being a pirate? Do you think it would have been fun to be a gangster in the roaring 20’s? Do you think you would love to live in the days of cowboys or Indians? Think about the past and which character from it that would be the most fun to play for the night.

Favorite Television or Movie Characters

Would you love to play the main role in Grease? Would you love to have been a WWE wrestler? Think about your favorite television shows and movies. Could you dress the part any of these characters for the night.

Fun, miscellaneous characters and costumes

Think about the fun characters and costumes that we see every Halloween. Would you enjoy dressing up as one of them for the night? Of course, these include: ghosts, witches, vampires, doctors, wolves, cats, gypsies and hobo’s, to name a few.

Halloween only comes once a year. Why not enjoy the night, dress up in your favorite costume and play the part of another character?

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