Advantages of Building a Round House

Besides the perks of not having any corners to clean, the round house offers many advantages that are not as obvious. Round houses are nothing new. We have seen them throughout history. Igloos are round houses made of chunks of snow and ice and the round grass huts of the tropics have been used as shelter for centuries.

Allows 360 Degree Views

A round house can offer a 360 degree view when windows are placed around the complete structure. The windows allow a panoramic view without a break in the scenery. This brings the outside in for the experience of living among nature more so than the windows that are placed in a square or oblong structure where the view needs to come to an abrupt stop at the corners of the wall. Even if you choose not to surround your home with windows, a round house allows you more choices for window placement to optimize on the views.

Withstands High Winds
A round home is a safer choice in a location that is prone to experiencing high winds. The aerodynamics of a round home allow it to withstand higher wind velocity than that of the square or oblong homes. This is the reason lighthouses are round, the wind glides off the structure without any blunt walls to resist the wind, according to an article on the news site BNET.

Sheds snow
Snow does not build up on a round home as it will on a house with a traditional roof. The round home has a dome shaped roof that comes to a point in the center and evenly slopes all the way around, down towards the house. The snow just slides off as soon as it falls like going down a steep slippery slope.

Energy Efficiency
The round home is more energy efficient than the traditional home design for heating and cooling. The circular design uses less exterior wall space within the same amount of square footage, allowing for better air circulation throughout the home, as explained on the BNET News Site. This works to cut down on the cost of heating and cooling.

The dome shape of a round house can fit on plots of land that are oddly shaped or that do not offer enough room for a traditional house.

Another advantage of owning a round home is that you dare to be different. You will mostly likely have the only round home in your neighborhood. Your house will not resemble the modular homes that come from the same cookie cutter design. The homes design gives most any type of decor a great new showcase. Besides not blending in to a row of neatly punched out houses, your house will be the easiest on the street to find if you are having a party.

Solar Panel Placement

If you choose to use solar panels for energy in your home, the round roof allows you the perfect placement for facing the direct sun. You do not have the obstacle of having to choose the front or back of a roof that comes to a point. The dome allows the panels to go up in any direction.

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