Advice for Productive Organic Gardening

Although many do organic gardening just for the love of it, in general most people want to get the best harvest out of the space that they have. Therefore, it is important that the garden space be productive. It is true that more productive gardens yield far more at harvest time. Here is some advice for productive organic gardening.

Plant Extra Quantity

When it comes to organic gardening, it is always best to plant far more than you think you will need. This is because as time goes on, there are a great number of variables that can kill young plants. Plants fall victim to birds, disease, pests and unforeseen weather conditions. So, to be sure that a good harvest is ahead, plant more than needed.

Use Containers

It will be far easier to have a productive organic gardening season if containers are used. This is particularly true in places where the soil is low quality. Containers can be moved around which makes them more versatile than directly-seeded plants. Containers also have a decorative aspect that can add to the appearance of a garden.

Have Patience When Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is not a pursuit for impatient people. Put another way, organic gardening will teach patience to all who adopt the hobby. It takes time and persistence to move through the seasons. Each season has new lessons to teach.

Select Easy Crops to Grow

One of the best ways to have a productive season is to select crops that are not difficult to grow. The way to do this is by talking to other gardeners and seeing which crops grow well in the region. It really differs from location to location. Of course, each parcel of soil is different as well. This is why it is hard to predict exactly who will become a very good gardener and display a flourishing garden.

These are some proven ways to be more productive. Be sure to plant more than previously in terms of quantity. Always use containers to ensure that some of the crop is protected from bad soil conditions. Exercise patience in the organic gardening endeavors. Finally, select the crops wisely so that it will become easier to get a good harvest. These methods have worked for others and they will work for you too.


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