ALDI: Grocery Success Story Expands in Florida

Aldi is a grocery chain well known in Germany, its original place of birth. Its concept is simple and likely to be the reason for its tremendous success not only throughout Europe but in the US as well.

Aldi operates with a “less-is-more” philosophy which means that while you will find all of your basic groceries, you will not find 10 different types of canned green beans, corn, or tomato sauce. You will likely find one brand, oftentimes their house brand.

For a shopper who knows what they want and is trying to get in and out quickly, ALDI is great!!! No more tedious price comparisons, 2 for 1 versus 3 for $5.00 calculations. The stores tend to be much smaller than your competing main brand grocers which again allows for higher efficiency as you browse through the store quickly.

Due to their less-is-more approach, prices are at a rock bottom. Another savings strategy ALDI employs are their shopping carts. Their carts require you to deposit 25 cents which you will retrieve when returning it. While this may not be an employment incentive, it sure helps keep those grocery prices down.

And at last, please bring your own shopping bags to ALDI. Not only will you see one of the most efficient cashiers in the US, but you will notice that there are no baggers, and bags (Paper and Plastic) are for purchase only and range between 6 and 10 cents respectively.

Happy Shopping!

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