Alec Baldwin Calls for the ‘Death Penalty’ for American Leaders Because of Iraq

There is nothing quite like the death penalty in the United States to bring out the worse in members of the left. A case in point was a tweet by Alec Baldwin during the imbroglio surrounding the execution of convicted cop killer Troy Davis.

Baldwin decided to attack the family of the police officer Davis gunned down in cold blood, as well as to call for the deaths of American political leaders. “Wonder if the MacPhail family will seek death penalty for US leaders who killed thousands of US soldiers and countless innocent Iraqis.”

The case of Troy Davis had become a cause célèbre for the anti death penalty movement, which claimed that the state of Georgia was putting an innocent man to death. However a close examination of the case, including court records, would lead any fair minded person to conclude that Davis was guilty of the crime he was convicted of.

Baldwin, once again, proved that he is guilty of being a jerk and perhaps worthy of being put on the Secret Service’s watch list of people who might prove dangerous to American elected officials. His statement about seeking the “death penalty” for US leaders would seem to apply as much to President Obama, who continued the war in Iraq, as it does for President George W. Bush. This is something for Baldwin’s Hollywood friends to think about.

This is not the first time that the star of the TV show “30 Rock” has called for the deaths of American politicians. During the Clinton impeachment controversy, he called for the Rep. Henry Hyde, one of the leaders in the impeachment effort, to be stoned to death, as well as to kill the wives and children of Republican office holders.

Besides displaying a casual lust for the blood of politicians, Baldwin demonstrates a sordid tendency of anti death penalty people to elevate the murderer over the victim. The MacPhail family lost a loved one who was intervening to stop Davis and an accomplice from pistol whipping a homeless man. He was shot death in the street for his effort. People like Baldwin who cry tears over the execution of a guilty murderer might, if they had an ounce of humanity, save a little sorrow on the side for the family of a fallen police officer, killed trying to save another human being from a brutal beating. But that would assume Baldwin cares for much more than the sound of his own voice.

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