Alec Baldwin’s Issue with American Airlines on SNL

For those who missed the last episode of Saturday Night Live, no sweat, NBCTV with Willie Geist was kind enough to capture a retake on Alec Baldwin’s weekend surprise visit on SNL
The skit, played by none other than Alec Baldwin himself was in reference to his recent issue with American Airlines over electronic protocol on flight. Alec made American Airlines the target of his jokes, while poking fun at himself.

Disguised as Captain Steve Roberts and trying to make amends in light of being removed from an American Airlines flight over a game of Words With Friends, smart Alec did the one thing that did not sit quite right with AA officials…….he apologized to himself on SNL!

“It was very important for me to come here and on behalf of everyone of American Airlines issue an apology to Alec Baldwin”.
Alec continued, “Alec Baldwin is an American treasure and I am ashamed the way he was treated.”

According to the “Today Show”, Alec was sitting in a first class seat playing Words With Friends on his iPad. Alec refused to turn the iPad off when asked to do so by an AA attendant. Instead, he went to the bathroom with it and slammed the door behind him, while using offensive language on the crew.
That’s when he was kicked off the flight.

Who wasn’t however, amused by the whole SNL fiasco, was Steve Roach, an AA pilot who just so happened to be watching the show.
“I was very disappointed that he was making light of something very serious and poking fun at a group of employees,” Roach told the Today Show.

Ironically, Alec’s TV show 30 Rock was on the roaster on American Airlines flight the next day. The flight attendant’s union is asking the show be removed from future showings on AA.

Way to go smart Alec, you did it again, temper always gets the better of you, now doesn’t it?
But, thanks for the memories of what ‘a day on board a flight gone bad’ felt like. It happens all the time to passengers just trying to pass the ‘wait time’ away!

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