All My Children’s Final Week: Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The final week of All My Children broadcasts on ABC continued on Wednesday, September 21, 2011. In this episode, the identity of one of David’s patients is revealed, JR confronts Adam, Tad and Dixie make a decision, several former residents return to town, and Sarah Michelle Gellar makes a fun guest appearance. The episode was dedicated to the late Mary Fickett, who played Ruth Martin for almost 30 years.

Tad frets about not having heard from his parents all week, but Jake tells him not to worry. When the doorbell rings, Tad opens the door to Ruth. He scolds her for scaring him and asks where Joe is.

At the hospital, a patient (played by Sarah Michelle Gellar, the original Kendall and star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) complains that “they” are trying to get her. “There’s one right there!” she exclaims. The woman recognizes Maria and wants her to examine her. Unfortunately, Maria can’t, since she isn’t on staff. The orderly explains that someone called an ambulance after seeing the woman wandering through the town square. “They’re everywhere. They’re trying to get me. He could be one of them,” she says, referring to the orderly. “You can’t let them get me. I’m Erica Kane’s daughter.” Maria reassures her but whispers to the orderly that she’ll call Psych.

The woman is adamant that seeing vampires doesn’t make her crazy. Maria concedes that vampires are very popular now, but the woman saw them before they were trendy. The only crazy thing is the deja vu she’s getting; she feels as if she knows Maria and has lived in Pine Valley before but can’t remember when. Maria understands; she herself will probably miss the place when she leaves again. The woman reminds her to tell the doctors she’s Erica Kane’s daughter.

Amanda tells Jake she wants to buy the loft next door, remodel, and make one large loft for their expanding family. If they start now, their double-sized home should be ready by the time they adopt. Now that he’s spoken with Tad, Jake is also worried about Joe and Ruth. Suddenly, Joe appears and says they’re moving back to Pine Valley where they belong.

Maria and Joe are surprised to see each other. Maria isn’t staying; she’s in town to consult on a patient of hers who’s in I.C.U. As much as she misses Pine Valley, her life is in Miami now.

Griffin goes back to see David, saying he tried to treat the patient but it didn’t work. Now he’s afraid of the consequences if David can’t tell him what to do. Unfortunately, David can’t help without seeing things for himself.

JR looks toward the doorway in disbelief. It’s Babe, and he’s missed her so much! Babe is scared for what will happen to him if he doesn’t save himself. She tells him she isn’t real; he would know in his heart if she were really alive. She wants him to let things go and remember what a good man he is. JR tells her it’s too late, but she doesn’t agree. He tells her she can’t help him because she’s dead. She vanishes, and he picks up the gun again.

Brooke and Adam go to the mansion, where they stand among moving boxes. The place just isn’t the same now that it’s in foreclosure. Adam notices that one of his guns is missing. JR, just arriving, reminds him that he promised it to him. Adam tries to make amends, but JR isn’t buying it. He wants his father to tell him what a failure he is.

When Brooke chastises JR for being disrespectful to Adam, he asks what happened to her. He can’t believe she’s happy while he ends up with nothing! All he ever got from his father was money, when all he really needed was a father. Now he doesn’t even have an inheritance anymore! Brooke explains that Adam saw what money was doing to him, and that’s why he changed his will. JR tells Adam never to call him “son” again.

JR whines about how he was never the son Adam wanted him to be. When he accuses his father of staying away because he couldn’t stand the sight of him, Brooke explains that Adam took Stuart’s death harder than he realized. It’s no use; JR won’t listen to anything they have to say. Adam believes the best thing his son could do is leave town right away.

Dixie, Ruth, Krystal, and Opal reunite. Ruth explains that Joe’s at the hospital, since Angie asked him to be a temporary consultant. The others are thrilled to hear that Joe and Ruth are moving back to town. Tad thinks something weird is going on. He’s too happy about too many things; something’s not right. When Jamie shows up, that’s another reason for him to be happy–and suspicious. Joe, Jake, and Amanda arrive, and Opal breaks out a photo album. Dixie excuses herself, and Tad gets an idea.

David asks Angie for help getting him out long enough to treat his patient. Jesse won’t let him go without knowing the patient’s identity. When David finally relents, Jesse can’t believe what he just heard. David tries to make him understand the urgency of the situation. He fails, but Angie persuades Jesse to let this happen.

Tad and Dixie run into each other in the park, and they realize they had the same idea. Tad gets down on his knee to propose, but Dixie does the same thing. They both stand up and move to a park bench. Tad places his cell phone down on the armrest and unknowingly dials.

Opal’s phone rings, and no one is there. As she listens, she hears Tad about to propose. She announces it to everyone, and they all gather around to listen. When Dixie accepts, everyone cheers. Tad and Dixie hear the cheering and have no idea where it’s coming from.

Everyone tries to act nonchalant when Tad and Dixie return, but when Tad says they have an announcement, Opal jumps up. “You’re getting married!” She admits they heard, and Jamie advises Tad to be more careful with his phone. A musical montage of the Martins begins as they talk about how time has passed.

Back in his hotel room, JR makes a decision. Loading the gun, he tells himself they haven’t seen anything yet.

At the hospital, David worries about still wearing handcuffs when the patient arrives. He can’t help unless he can do an examination!

As Brooke tries to console Adam about what just happened, he thinks he just heard Stuart’s voice.

The patient’s BP is 82/55, and his pulse is 98 and thready. Jesse finally removes David’s handcuffs so that he can save the patient: Stuart.

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