Almost Losing Home

The winter days are coming. Broken road are the dreams now lying cold. The skies are gray, killing the silver lining. Strays lie dead or starving, and we’re trying to survive. Our past is gone, fade to black, and the future is null and void. And we’re close, so very close to losing home.

They come every day now to see if I want to sell. If I sell, where would I go? The money would be crossed between that line for shelter and the need for food. Ends are not being met, and prices soar at the local supermarket, making it impossible to feed families already trying to get through the next day and the day after that. My neighbors are leaving, leaving the key in their door, and going, but where are they going? There is nowhere to go. We have locked ourselves in, and it is a very long way down.

We’re hoping for change, but no winds of change are stirring. Only the winter winds are turning, and when winter comes, all could be lost. How much more would we have to pay to heat our homes, keep our family from suffering that bitter frostbite? What would we dare to keep a roof over our heads, venture out into a blinding storm with no hope of return? What burdens overweigh our needs? Food or clothes? There is no change in sight and no one promising to keep us home.

Fall is ready to die. These days will go fast, chased by worry and fear. Like the squirrels, should we prepare and hope for the best, knowing that it would be the worst? The cry for help is deafening, an echo across this world, but help is few, not enough. And home is a second thought, if we can’t afford to stay here, and taxes go up. Something needs to be done, but we all know that. But won’t something be done?

Winter is coming. The clinics are full, and the sound of coughs and sneezes are already ringing through the air. Food kitchens are overwhelmed. Shelters are putting those animals that once called us family to sleep. The homeless are pushing their carts across the street. We are living in a broken world, and we’re so close, so close to losing home, losing faith. And all we have are simple words, a touch of grace, and a whisper of hope.

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