Alternatives for Your Car Lease

In an economy where car loans may be difficult or expensive to obtain, the option of leasing a car becomes increasingly attractive. Leasing a car enables you to get the car of your choice for a certain amount of time without having to pay the full purchase price. The contract can be two or three years and you pay the amount that the car depreciates in value. The monthly lease payments are negotiated by the dealer with the customer and a leasing company handles the paperwork for the dealer. The transaction is thus simplified for the customer who pays the vehicle taxes and licensing fees and agrees to keep the car for the contracted period.

The popularity of car leasing means that more people are beginning to understand how car leasing works, how to get the best deals, how to avoid overpaying and to recognize a bad deal. People who could benefit from leasing a car may be avoiding it because of misconceptions or lack of understanding about how leasing works. A good place to start your research is online with free internet-based car “buying” services which work with established dealers to get good prices for their customers. Getting a car price quote from each of these companies is a good strategy for smart automotive consumers. Then if you plan to lease the car, your payment is based on the discounted or negotiated price of the vehicle. The benefit is the lower the price, the lower your monthly lease payment.

It is important to remember that leasing a car is not like renting or leasing an apartment, or renting a car. You should not consider leasing a car until you have a thorough understanding of car leasing fundamentals and how it works. Leasing is best understood as a method of financing, similar to a loan, but with significant differences. Auto manufacturers and finance companies have responded to the economy by introducing consumer car leasing programs which are simply a modified version of business leasing that have been around for a long time.

Most people buy a car with a car loan, intending to keep it for three or four years, and then replace it with a newer or different model. If you can only afford to buy a Toyota but want a Mercedes, then look into leasing. You will need to ask yourself these questions;

Even if it means higher monthly payments for the first few years, is it more important for you to pay off your car loan and be debt-free? Or are you attracted to the idea of having a new car every two or three years with no major servicing expenses? Are your long-term costs more important than lower monthly payments? Or would you rather lease car with a down payment?

Leasing a car is the same principle, and makes sense if you can negotiate a monthly rate that would be less than repaying a car loan. is the best place to get assistance about a car lease.

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