Alternatives to a Carpeted Jetted Tub Surround

Jetted tubs are often surrounded by a plywood wood frame and panels. Higher quality wood can be finished, but when it is not it is sometimes covered with carpeting. Carpet provides a cheap, fast and easy way to surround a jetted tub. The alternatives are much more impressive and visually appealing.

I had a house built in the late nineties, and the jetted tub surround was carpeted. Not only was the carpeted surround unsanitary, but it also cheapened the look of the jetted tub and the master bathroom. I found a way to give it a unique new look without hiring a professional or spending a lot of money. My project took a lot of time, but the results were well worth the effort. I used one of the best alternatives to a carpeted jetted tub surround, and it added exquisite beauty are artistic appeal to my master bathroom.

Create a Beautiful Mosaic with Broken Tiles

When seeking alternatives to a carpeted jetted tub surround I decided to cover the wood with mosaic tiles. I recalled a show that featured an underground home, and portions of the walls were covered with mosaic tiles. It looked like a challenging project, but I wanted to use this method to cover my jetted tub surround.

I began the project by seeking out broken tiles at home improvement stores. I found most of the tiles I used for little to nothing. I also purchased a grout applicator and ready-made grout.

I had to cut away most of the carpeting that covered the surround using a utility knife. Once it was removed I applied the grouting material, one small section at a time. I carefully cracked tiles that were not already broken by covering them with a rag and hitting them with a hard rubber mallet.

I applied the tiles according to where the broken pieces would fit. After each section was tiled I applied more grout to fill in the gaps, and I removed the excess material using a slightly wet sponge. I was very pleased with the results. The mosaic tiles looked much better than the carpeted surround. It was a work of art, and it added an artistic touch to my home.

Decorate a Jetted Tub Surround with Mexican Glass Tiles

If I had not used broken tiles to create a mosaic around my carpeted jetted tub surround I would have used Mexican glass tiles. I absolutely love the color and iridescent sheen of Mexican glass tiles. They are far more expensive than broken clay tiles, but the results would have been outstanding. The jetted tub surround would have become the focal point of the bathroom.

When trying to find alternatives to a carpeted jetted tub surround, consider creating a tile mosaic, or invest in beautiful Mexican glass tiles. Either way they will look far better than carpeting or any other cheap basic option added by the builder of the home.

Source: Personal Decorating and Crafting Experience

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