Alternatives to Handing Out Halloween Candy

There are several alternatives you can give kids this Halloween if you don’t want to hand out Halloween candy. Many of these alternatives aren’t even edible, but kids will love them anyway.

Temporary Tattoos
These are made by the same creators of Valentine’s Day cards for kids. They are a safe alternative to candy because they are fun to play with and each small box comes with five to nine different Halloween tattoos that go on easily and wash off after a few baths.

While this can get costly, kids love to get change, whether it is from their parents or on Halloween. Determine the overall amount you are willing to spend and go to the bank and ask for that many nickels. Hand out two or three to each child until they are gone. Once they are, turn off your porch light so kids know you have run out.

Halloween Pencils and Erasers
Many dollar stores and craft stores sell large packages of decorated Halloween pencils or shaped erasers that you can purchase and separate into individual pencils. Let each child pick one when they come to the door. Having a large variety will make the selection more fun.

Most kids love stickers. You can get small sheets of Halloween stickers at almost any craft store. Tear them at the dotted line so you have several sets. In most cases, each set of stickers comes with five to 10 stickers on a sheet.

Popcorn Balls

Many stores sell popcorn balls in individual wrappers. These are much healthier than handing out candy, and most of the time, they come in cool colors.

Handing out fruit is the healthiest option available on Halloween. The downside is that most children aren’t allowed to eat the fruit because of what it could contain.

Snack Bags of Chips
Almost all grocery stores sell snack-sized bags of chips. These are a healthy option that will also give kids something to munch on as they are trick or treating. Be sure you have several flavors available so kids can choose their favorites.

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