Amazing Facts About Coconut Water

There are many drinks out there being marketed as “sports drinks.” And yes, most of them do contain traces of sodium, electrolytes, potassium and vitamins; all good ingredients to rehydrate the thirsty athlete. The problem is they can also be very sweet and colorful, which is a great attraction to the young person who has a personal dislike of just “plain water.”

As a mom of a soccer mad son, I wanted to explore something different. I didn’t want him drinking sweet blue drinks even if they did have the above ingredients added. I decided a search was in order; so off I went checking out the stores and the internet. It took quite a while, but eventually I stumbled across a drink that seemed to have everything ….coconut water.

A little bit of research took me to a local health store. Luckily they had the drink on the shelf so I was able to check it out…I was pretty dumbfounded!

A small carton of Coconut Water, per 100mls reads as follows:

A. At about 294 mg of Potassium, it is higher than most sports and energy drinks.

B. Only 25mg of Sodium, again much less than other sports and energy drinks.

C. 5mg of Natural Sugars compared to other sports and energy drinks which range from about 10-25mg of sugars that have been altered, often to reduce calories.

D. It is very high in Chloride, 118mg. Excellent for anyone feeling a bit dehydrated and who really doesn’t want a muscle cramp.

So, my first thoughts were “wow, this is so good I bet it tastes awful!” I bought two cartons, and I promise you it didn’t taste awful. A little different to water maybe, a bit nutty, and actually quite easy to drink.

I liked it so much I did some more research, and again I was amazed. Apparently Coconut water has the same level of electrolytic balance as we have in our blood, incredible! For this reason, during the Pacific War this water was used to give emergency Plasma transfusions to soldiers. We are made up of 90% water, including all those needed minerals and salts, and Coconut water is the same as us. it was and still is the only natural growing part of our planet that can be used to help the human body intravenously… me that says it all.

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