Amber Rose Deserves a Break

I have very conservative beliefs and values and I don’t believe in stripping to make money but I do understand how someone can get to that point. When it comes down to either stripping or dying, most people would probably start walking towards the strip club. Everyone isn’t faced with the same situations growing up. Some are more fortunate than others and some end up having to make decisions that they would not have even been considering if they were in a better situation. I understand that Amber Rose made some decisions in her life time that everyone don’t agree with but I really don’t understand why she is being attacked so severely. It isn’t fair to judge someone based on their mistakes because we have all made mistakes. We have all made bad decisions in our life time regardless of how big or how bad we may consider it to be in comparison to others. We have all had failures. But still, I don’t even feel like Amber is being attacked because of the mistakes she made in her past. I really feel like people just pick on her because she seems like the easy target. What has she done to anyone? From what I can tell, she seems like a really sweet girl. She don’t say anything negative about anyone. All she is doing is living her life. I honestly just believe that people are jealous of her. Whenever people criticize others who have not done anything to them, it’s usually because of jealousy. Jealousy is such a deadly emotion. Is it because she is beautiful? Or because she became successful without even opening her mouth? Is it because she got to date kanye? ANd now Wiz Khalifa? Because she is the only person able to pull off a bald head? Because she has a nice body? I just fail to understand why people are being so critical of her. No matter what she does, a negative spin is put on it. She don’t seem to be able to do anything right in people’s eyes. If she talks, people criticize her. If she remains silent, people still criticize her. I bet if she donated every cent of her money to charity, people would have negative things to say about that also. They would start claiming that she did it for the attention. Or she did not really do it and is only lying about it. Give the girl a break and let her live her life. She didn’t ask to be your role model or the role model of your child. I am tired of hearing parents criticize others for setting a bad example. It is your job as a parent to raise your child, not anyone else’s. Parents are too lazy to put in the time to raise their children right and then they have the nerve to get mad at celebrities for setting a bad example. People should not get so much joy out of hurting someone else. Does it make you sleep better at night when you say negative things about her? Does it add a couple of years to your life? Out of all the people out there in the public eye, can you really say she is the worse? Or is it just easy to pick on her because others are doing the same. I am not saying that I agree with all of the things she do but she don’t deserve the treatment she receives. She doesn’t owe me an explanation for the life she lived. And still, I do understand why she had to do what she did to survive. That’s why we can’t progress as a people, we’re always trying to keep others down. We are always looking to find fault in others so we can feel better about our own faults. We want people to fail because it will cause us to feel better about our own failures. That’s a sick mentality to have. It’s not fair to anyone and it won’t help you get any closer to your dreams. Maybe if you stop being so critical of others, you would be able to see a positive change in your life.

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