America in Trouble, Who Do We Blame?

America is in trouble and it’s your fault. Now wait, before you go off at me in the comments railing against the president or congress; consider for a minute how you personally bear responsibility for this.

Since the 1800’s our country has been slowly moving away from the principles of liberty in favor of equality, and social justice. Our founders warned of equalitarian democracy, and how it led to tyranny of the majority. We have increasingly become accustomed to life being easy and any threat to that easy lifestyle is taken as a personal threat, even if that threat is liberty itself.

Have you embraced these ideals, even inadvertently? Have you ever benefited from a government program or subsidy and never thought twice about? Maybe you thought. “Oh well they’re going to do it anyway, I might as well take advantage of the situation I cannot control.” Do you vote in every election, or do you think “what’s the point?” Do you rail against things you find unjust or do you watch as it happens?

These are just some basic thoughts on how apathy and an ignorance of principles over time can corrupt the thoughts of men and subsequently their actions. Our economy is on the brink of the largest financial disaster since the great depression. We are involved in six world conflicts, we are losing our rights, people are losing their livelihoods, and every day we move further from the Constitution.

I’m not a fan of the president or congress, quite contrarily I am diametrically opposed to 99% of everything they stand for. However, I do take responsibility for their election, for their continued abuse of our rights, their greed, their corruption, and even their ignorance.

Why? Because I let it happen. I kept my mouth shut, I chose to not be politically engaged, I chose not to act, and I participated, even if unwillingly, in bad practices. I am at fault and I take responsibility for that. I did not educate enough, I did not protest enough, I did not do enough to prevent the actions that have taken place. That is MY burden. Even if it is not mine alone, I will bear it alone.

Before you blame anyone else, blame yourself and make a change for the better

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