America’s Angels Attacked

Three buildings hit within an hour,
New York lost the twin towers.
Many called home to say good-bye,
How come they knew they will die?

Next, a piece of history blown away,
Then, a fourth plane hit early that day.
The reporter showed the field on fire,
Americans cried with hate and desire.

The heroes tried to stop the plan,
However, they never got to land.
Instead, we all watched in disbelief,
America cried for revenge and relief.

The attack was on America’s pride and heart,
Played out like a from Hollywood’s art.
Now, our brave troops go off to fight a war,
This is an endless fight, but our eagle’s soar.

Let’s bring them home once again,
Stop all terrorist from getting in.
Then, they can protect our own land,
From those, who do not understand.

This land belongs to those that sing,
From coast to coast, the bells will ring.
Stand up for our freedom and fight.
Guard our home with all their might.

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