America’s Got Talent – Review of 9/6/11 Top 10 Finals Episode

It’s sad but America’s Got Talent is just about done for another year. Here is my take on the Top 10/Finals episode from tonight, September 6, 2011. The acts are listed in the order they appeared on the show.

Michael Grimm opened the show. Amazing. It’s obvious why he won last season. What a voice. He has the ability and talent to have a prolonged career (something those silly American Idol ‘singers’ will never have). Loved it.

1) Miami All-Stars. I just don’t see any traditional dance act ever winning this show or being a headlining act in Las Vegas. Dance is best in small doses (5 minutes here or there) or only as a solo act (ballet). This was dull and boring. They lost the authentic flavor they had last time. Piers was spot on – they were cheerleaders. That screams high school football vanilla blandness. Be honest, who in the world would pay to see this or any other similar dance act? And, the fact that they turned it in to a NFL kickoff theme was the most shameless and embarrassing thing this show has ever produced. I hope they don’t receive one single vote. Go away Miami Not-So All-Stars and take the overrated NFL with you!

2) Lys Agnes. Had incredibly high expectations going into this one. Then, when I heard the opening to Dream On (Aerosmith’s greatest song) I was stoked. Then, Lys sung it like Cher would sing it. (I wrote this before Sharon said the same thing.) I am torn. I half loved it and half hated it. But, her high notes at the end gave me chills. So thumbs up.

3) Landon Swank. Loved the set design. Music switch was cool. But, I felt concerned for the fish. Was it in his mouth at the beginning? Did it go into the big tank? I think the fish needed to be seen going into the tank to make it more impressive. Still, I love magicians and he is a great one. Hope he makes it.

4) Anna Graceman. Not to ALL prospective singers, male or female, young or old – do NOT ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever attempt to sing Cyndi Lauper on a show where money is the prize. You cannot do it. Nobody can. It is rough to watch. Anna, you went for the unobtainable goal. You set yourself up for failure with this performance. You have a great voice and much potential, but wrong choice of song. Should have sung Shout At The Devil – Motley Crue.

5) Silhouettes. I have been hating on Silhouettes all season. They have been the most overrated act ever on the show. I just haven’t gotten the appeal. Last time was an utter embarrassment. BUT, tonight, it was beyond words. They were visually stunning! Loved it. Why couldn’t they have been this good all season? They finally show the talent they have had inside all this time. Pity they squandered it with shameless pandering until tonight. LOVED IT!!!

6) Smage Bros. Rising Shows. The only thing that separates them from being Jackass members is their innocent-sounding attitudes. This is an MTV Jackass act. And I love Jackass! That kid got hit in the head with the motorcycle. Ouch. Kudos to him for not even flinching. That is talent. Fun to watch but not a million dollar act.

7) Poplyfe. Best act of the year last time. Tonight? She doesn’t have the vocal range of a pre-pubescent Michael Jackson. The look was great. The performance was great, but the vocals were completely overshadowed. I still believe that they will be a multi-platinum selling band within the next couple years. They are the one and only act who have gotten better each and every week. They are gonna be huge.

8) West Springfield Dance Team. Oooooh, my favorite act! They have been my favorite all season. Love their look, their edge, and their uniqueness. What will tonight bring? The judges were kind of right. It would have been cool to see them do a non-horror act while still being edgy and scary. But, I still loved it. I could watch them all day long. I could totally see their act being made into a Broadway musical.

9) Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. This guy is soooo smooth. He’s silk butter. He’s the voice of an American demographic. He the voice of the underdog world. He never fails to deliver. He has got the it factor. Tonight, my God! If you close your eyes you would swear Dean Martin was on stage! I don’t care how great Team iLuminate is next, or next week, or after they win, I am rooting for Landau to win it all. I love him. This can change his life for the better. And he deserves it. I would go see him in concert. He has a one in a billion voice. Amazing!!!

10) Team iLuminate. Well. it’s theirs to lose. They are the favorites to win it all. Will they disappoint tonight? Will they suffer like Fighting Gravity did last year at this point? Will the performance be a step down? Not quite. It was great. But not great great. It probably would have looked better in person than it did on TV tonight. It didn’t have a WOW! moment that is expected of an act going to the final four. And it looked like they were out of synch a few times. But, live, I bet they blow the roof off every building they enter. So impressive. Still, I think the title is not a lock for them. Not yet. But they WILL be in the finals.

The 4 acts who SHOULD go to the Finals – Silhouettes, Poplyfe, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., Team iLuminate.

The 4 acts who WILL go to the Finals – Silhouettes, Poplyfe, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., Team iLuminate.

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