“America’s Next Top Model” Returns for Cycle 17 with the 1st All Star Edition

Co-Producer of “ANTM” and model extraordinaire, Tyra Banks is brining in a fresh, new cycle for fans. But, this time she’s shaking things up with the first ever all-star edition. Favorites and troublemakers alike will return for a second chance to be “America’s Next Top Model.”

The judges panel will remain the same with additions to the guest panel. Entertainment Weekly reports that Nicki Minaj and Kathy Griffin will guest star on the judge’s panel. Not only that, but the “ANTM” hopefuls will write their own song, create a unique perfume, and star in the video. Models have come a long way it seems.

Shannon was 18 on cycle 1, now she returns as a 27-year-old living in Indiana.

Brittany was 22 when she was on cycle 4, she is now 29 living in California, all the way from Florida.

Lisa of cycle 5 is now 30 and living in Hollywood.

Camille from cycle 2 returns at age 33.

Bre of cycle 5 now lives in L.A. and is 26 years old.

Bianca is memorable from cycle 9 hailing from New York.

Most fans probably remember Dominique from cycle 10. The 27-year-old resides in Columbus, Ohio.

And who could forget Isis of cycle 11? Fans certainly remember. She is currently living in New York City and it’s been just three years since she was on “ANTM.” She’s now 25.

Sheena of cycle 11, from Hawaii, returns now 24-years old.

Allison was a stand-out from cycle 12 her hometown is Houston, Texas but currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. The model hopeful is 23.

My favorite “ANTM” hopeful, Laura is returning!! Laura was the most memorable and sweetest cast member of all time and she was last seen on cycle 13. Her hometown is Stanford, Kentucky and she currently lives in Los Angeles. I hope to see her win this time she was so close!

Angelea is cycle 14 is also returning (now 25). She wasn’t one of my favorites, nor was Kayla (cycle 15), and both have returned.

Alexandria (cycle 16), may be the one to give Laura and Allison a run for their money. I personally would rather see the Top Model title go to Laura, or Allison.

“ANTM” returns September 14, 9-10 p.m., on The CW.

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