Amicolola Falls Georgia’s Finest Hiking Trails

If hiking is your thing or if it isn’t you will fall in love with Amicolola Falls State Park in Dahlonega, Georgia. “Amicolola” actually means tumbling waters in the Cherokee Indian language and that is exactly what you will experience at Amicolola Falls State Park. The park has over 1000 acres of rugged beauty and 12 miles of hiking trails that will please the most accomplished hikers and beginners as well.

Hikers Inn Lodge

If you want to seriously get back to nature you can make a 5 mile hike and spend the night at the Hike Inn Lodge. Mind you remember that you can only get to the lodge by taking a 5 mile hike and on foot is the same way that you will leave. The Hike Inn Lodge is more for the experienced hikers, but beginners can make the hike too, just plan on taking a little longer and don’t forget to take water.

Spend The Night At Amicolola And Really Get Back To Nature

Amicolola Falls State Park is a wonderful family vacation spot as well as a hikers heaven. You and your family can stay as long as you would like in any one of the following:

30 Lodge Rooms Tent and RV Camping Picnic Shelters Group Shelters Amphitheater

Watch Your Step All 729 Feet Of Them

At Amicolola Falls is 729 feet from top to bottom and is the tallest waterfall in the Southeast. Be sure to take you camera as you walk up the steps that go all the way to the top of the falls. On the way up the scenery is breath taking every step of the way. Walking up all of those steps is extremely tiring. If you have small children or elderly people you can drive to the top of the falls and it is still beautiful.

Trails – Trails – Trails

Amicolola Falls State Park has 12 miles of hiking trails to choose from and they range from easy to extremely difficult. The park has several hiking trails that you can choose from or you can hike them all. There are four groups of hiking trails in Amicolola Falls Park beginning with Amicolola Falls West Ridge Trails, the East Ridge Trails, the Amicolola Falls Trail, Base of the Falls Trail, Southern Terminus Approach Trail that leads hikers to the beginning of the Appalachian Trail and last, but not least there is the Len Foote Hike Inn.

Amicolola Falls State Park is located in Dahlonega, Georgia and is very easy to find no matter where you’re coming from. It’s a lot harder to leave than it is to find, that’s for sure.

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