An Affinity for Heroin

Distant are my concerns.
I am at peace.
Daily by body yearns,
For this sweet release.
Stranger to my veins,
Consumes all lives pains.
Tender now my skin.
I stick it in.
Dying for a feeling.
There is no healing.

* Drug addiction is a very serious matter that should not be taken lightly. It affects not only the addict but also their friends and family. I wrote this poem for my best friend who at the time loved heroin more than herself. The last two lines are the most important “dying for a feeling” “there is no healing” Many people never come back from addiction, and they end up losing their lives to drugs and the life style that comes with doing and dealing drugs. Drug addiction is horrible to watch, and should not be romanced. This poem is a statement, and in no way condones the use of any illegal substance.

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