An Insurrection

Looking back the signs were every where. Though hind sight seems to always be better then forward vision.

Even as a small boy I could hear bits and pieces of my parents conversation of news they lovingly tried to hide from me. While my friends and I were playing football we could hear our parents talking in hushed voices. Yet we still heard the repeating of certain words, though a couple of words stood out the most to us. I guess the sound of them seemed so mysterious. Even with that we were unable to put the whole story together. Conspiracy, deception, conspiracy, deception, what does it all mean? During all this they were also training us, but for what?

The year is 2019.

As I sit staring blankly at the TV a sudden news flash awakens me from my daze. “It has been confirmed that at least 1/3 of the earth’s water supply has evaporated. ” Then nothing.
Pieces of my parents conversations came flooding into my thoughts. Pollution, the landfills were overflowing with to much garbage. So much so they were secretly hauling it out and dumping it into the depths of the oceans, which has been going on for years. Low fresh water and a lean food supply. Due to watering regulations and the cost of water farmers planted less and less each year, and had a lot less livestock to sell. My mom started saving vegetable seeds though, I never quite understood it until now.

There were constant wars and rumors of wars. Countries fighting for the right to control citizens of the given countries they were fighting. Then desperately forcing the citizens of the losing country to conform to the winning countries idea of how they should live. Creating many wounded and broken families in the process of what they believed to be their rightful cause. While the power house countries behind the scene gained more and more control of the worlds population, and issued more government control. A new world order was forming. Looking back through out history the evidence of this one world government had always been the plan. It was there right before us all the time.

My name is Chase Sims, the year is 2021 and I am the leader of the rebellion. The uprising began with a group of my friends who voted me to be their leader. We are a company of men, women and children whose minds have not been brainwashed, with the continual repetition of the governments slogans on everything and literally everywhere. Seeing this had started more openly when I was a small child, the repetitions appeared in public school books which had to be approved through the government in the first place, on TV commercials and throughout every written and spoken media. My parents, along with my friends parents caught on to this and shielded us from it all the best they could without raising any questions. Slogans like ” If you want to succeed BELIEVE in us. ” or ” We are YOUR HELP. ” or ” Your FREEDOM is found in US. “, plus so many others. Our wise parents knew people can easily be brainwashed through seeing and hearing repetitions of variations of the same idea, and will start believing that idea, even if it is a lie. So our parents started teaching us to think and to battle intellectually, along with hand to hand combat. Just in case the new world order came into being in our life time, if not we were to teach our own children this same directive. We are a remnant of free people searching for the truth.

Food and water were becoming more and more sanctioned. No one was allowed to plant any kind of garden, except for a select few who had this privilege, because they were within the inner circle of certain government agencies. We too had our people in key places like a few of those inner circles. Thanks to the forward thinking of our parents. The seeds my mom saved helped supply our food and the lessons from our parents of gathering water from unlikely places also helped us. Like digging for water at the bottom of a dry run off, or near vegetation.

One thing that was a plus for us, is that most of the world wide web had failed and brought much of the world’s resources down with it.The internet failed mainly because everything was plugged into it, which caused the overload and crash. It was for our benefit because there were also millions of camera’s on light and electric poles everywhere that kept recorded of everyone’s comings and goings, so with most of the internet down we could move more freely and not be watched. Even while being under martial law.

We had been looking for out of print books which were outlawed, when we found a cave in the middle of no where. The mouth of the cave was big enough for an army tank to fit in. However it was in the back of the cave that we found a small crate that contained just a handful of the forbidden books. We took the books and left that area fast. One of our guys returned the next day in case there were other items of importance. Only to find the opening of it had been caved in. Why? What was in the books we found?

Within the pages of the book, we found the story of the great deception. Learning that the greatest deception for all of mankind through out all of the ages of men. Is mankind Believing that they are the ones in control. That there were warriors with unseen armor on through out all of the ages also, carrying a torch of the light for mankind to grab hold of along with a message of freedom, truth and reconciliation. Telling of all the events we were witnessing first hand. Yet this book that contained several books within it was written thousands of years ago. All of which had been covered up and told to the multitudes of people that it was just a false story, a fake for so many years, people forgot about it. Except for the remnant.

Then suddenly the sky ripped open like a scroll, the sound was like that of a million bombs exploding all at once. That sent people scattering in all directions screaming in fear, as they were trying to find a place to hide. An army of so many came forth with the leader riding on a white horse and on the side of Him it is written Righteousness.

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