An Interview with Staind; New Album Out September 13th

“It’s Been Awhile,” three years to be exact, but Staind fans don’t have to wait much longer for new material from the band. The band’s seventh album drops September 13, 2011 and Staind brings a little heavier sound with them. However, the band does stay true as the new album has seen comparisons to their second release, “Dysfunction.” I recently caught up with guitarist Mike Mushok to talk about the band and their new release.

This is Staind’s seventh album. There have been comparisons between this release and the band’s second release in 1999, “Dysfunction.” How would you describe the new album’s sound?

I’ve been told it sounds like “Dysfunction 2011.” We set out to make a heavy, modern sounding Staind record and I think we accomplished that goal. I think the record is definitely focused on riffs with heavy vocals and good melodies; also, with some guitar solos thrown in there.

Most people know Staind from the song, “It’s Been Awhile,” yet the band has been around for 16 years. What do you say to those who think Staind is a one hit wonder?

It’s funny because I think a lot of people know that song but don’t even know it us. That’s probably worse! At least if they knew it was us we’d get credit for it. There have been other songs that have done well for us though. Even other songs that have crossed formats and done well. It has always been hard to connect the songs to the band though and I think that get’s harder with music as we enter this new ‘singles’ world. The funny thing is that the new single “Not Again” off the new record was our quickest climbing release of any song we’ve had on the rock chart. Who would have ever guessed?

I love the new album. There is a perfect mix of screaming and music. What was the mindset, in terms of writing and recording, going into this new album?

Thank you! We wanted to focus on cool guitar parts, changes and music and have Aaron (Lewis) do what he does best over that. He’s also singing much more aggressively than on recent records and I think it really complements the music. Combining that with a nice melody hopefully creates a song that people are going to want to listen to. It works for me.

Is there a certain sense of urgency in regard to success with this album since Staind hasn’t had new material since 2008?

I don’t think anymore than usual. So much has changed in the music business even since we put out our last album. People just don’t want to buy records anymore it seems. It’s not getting any better, that’s for sure. However, people still want music, just in a different way it seems. Either a single they’ve heard a thousand times or free. The other thing is that the format of rock isn’t doing as well as it has in the past. It seems like there’s another rock station switching formats every time I check. That’s not good.

What has been the reaction to the new album?

So far it’s been pretty good. All I really have to go by is people who I know that I’ve played it for and they seem to really love it and never thought we’d ever make a record like this again. It’s nice to surprise people and I think this record will.

When the album drops, will there be a corresponding tour?

We have random shows booked here and there right now. We do tour Europe in October and the states after Thanksgiving. It looks like right now there won’t be a real U.S. tour until march of next year.

Thanks for talking to me. Is there anything you wanted to add?

Thank you for your time and really glad you like the record. I always like to thank the fans for allowing us to be able to continue to do this. I hope this becomes everyone’s favorite Staind record.

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