An Island Off of Portland Maine

There is an island where I want to be,
Off of Portland in the sea,
It’s very small and lovely, too,
I want to be there only with you.

You take a ferry and then,
Get off and trek again,
And take the groceries and more,
And put them on the pantry floor.

We tidy up the living space,
And then weed the garden, is the case.
We unpack bags and store our stuff,
And make the beds and comforters fluff.

We play a lot on the beach and then,
We prepare to cook again,
We barbeque, we light the candles,
And often on the beach we often ramble.

We jog along the beach so fine,
Come back and drink a little wine.
Our home is a hotel, you see,
With lots of room for you and me.

We wake up early, we do enjoy
The summer ‘morn and the gull cry.
I never want to leave this place,
I am at ease and filled with grace.

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