An Ohio County Prepares for a Mock Zombie Outbreak

Knowing the importance of being ready for any type of emergency, Delaware County is using today, Halloween, to prepare for a Mock Zombie Outbreak. Yes, this may sound like a party game. However, the residents and the emergency personal of this county in Ohio, is taking this mock outbreak seriously.

In this age of terrorism, almost anything is possible. Knowing this and knowing that the idea of a zombie outbreak would get people’s attention, they found the idea interesting. They also noticed that the idea of a “zombie apocalypse” was casually mentioned on a blog post of the strange things that trained responders needed to be ready for in the future.

So far, 250 volunteers have signed up to become Zombies today. As for the CDC posting, it has gotten over 30,000 hits.

However, the officials and the trainees in Delaware County do plan on taking this drill seriously today. Yes, their victims will be dressed up as Zombies. But the trainees will be treating them as they would any mock victim. They will be going through the standard decontamination procedures that they would use during any type of chemical attack to bring the zombies back to human form. They will also be trained in dealing with hazardous materials and disaster response.

Yes, it may look like all fun in games. However, underneath it all will be valuable lessons that the emergency workers and others will hopefully learn. Yet, hopefully, these are lessons that they will only have to use in mock form.


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