Ancient Flying Models and Machines

Modern flight and aerodynamics came about in the early 20th century thanks to the famous Wright’s brothers. Their innovative first flight set the mold for todays technology and the creation of our advanced aircraft. But what if their invention wasn’t an original one? What if ancient man had already come up with and even employed this technology?

Ancient Egypt

In 1898 in Saqqara, Egypt a wooden object dating to 200 BCE was discovered and originally deemed the model of a bird. Stored away, the wooden bird model was rediscovered and studied more intently. Upon further examination it was found that the wooden model appeared more like an advanced air glider.

Experts in aviation corroborated the find and its ability to attain flight. Suddenly more questions than answers arose. How did the ancient Egyptians acquire such knowledge 2,000 years ago?

The glider is now at the center of a special exhibit located in the Cairo museum.

Also found in Egypt in an ancient temple in Abydos are images that depict flying machines similar to todays helicopters, blimps and even UFO’s.

Central and South America

Small gold ornaments resembling modern aircraft were discovered in Central and South America and are thought to be 1,000 years old. They appear to display wings, a tale, a fuselage, a nose and a cockpit.

Archaeologists determined the golden objects were models of animals, like fish, yet it does not seem to resemble any known fish on record, past or present.

Photos were sent to experts in the field of aerodynamics. Arthur Young, one of the designers of the Bell helicopter, admitted the golden models did indeed display properties reminiscent of modern day airplanes but that some of the features were incorrect.

Ancient Indian Texts

Written in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian texts the Vedas, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata all contain extensive accounts of ancient flying machines known as “vimanas”.

Supposedly powered by mercury, the vimanas were said to take off and land vertically and move both forward and backward with ease. Some texts even reportedly describe in great detail how to create a vimana.

In the texts the vimanas are described as flying high into the earth’s atmosphere, into space, underwater and as being used in war. The texts tell of great aerial battles fought between the vimanas and that they contained weapons said to be equal to or greater than the weapons we use today.

Certain weapons used by these vimanas are said to have wiped out entire cities and that any survivors exhibited signs of radiation poisoning like the loss of hair and finger nails.

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