Android Vs Iphone

Android Vs Iphone

For this assigment I conducted a poll and asked 7 professionals in different industries for their feedback on these two phones. And I gave special consideration to the ones that have owned both phones. Some of these features were unanimously voted in favor or against a phone, as in the case of the iphone which was unanimously agreed to have a better camera; however another professional suggested to check out HTC Desire HD and Motorola Atrix which according to him had a better camera than the iphone.
Here is a comment from “The Desire HD boasts an awesome 8 MP camera. It includes auto focus and face detection features. The dual LED flash gives bright picture results even in dark light. The 720p HD video recording gives very good picture quality as well. The geo-tagging feature is obviously a plus.”
Android Pros and Cons
Pro- You do not have to get your applications from the Apple Store and they are virtually the same, you can simply download them from the marketplace. There is a good variety of free applications. I use notepad and also have all my social media included.
Pro-Integrates contacts across various social networks (Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook) – having one universal contact list where I can link people together is great!
Pro- Maps/Navigation/GPS Android, hands down. The (Google) Maps function on Android blows away the iPhone. With the iPhone you will need to get a separate app to get decent navigation.
Con- May be more difficult to find a particular application but it’s a matter of searching a little harder for it or settling down with a similar application.
Con- Poor battery life, particularly if you search the internet or use the navigation system which would make your android die after an hour or so of driving so make sure you have a car charger just in case.
Iphone Pros and Cons
Pro- the iphone has a better camera hands down, so consider this if you love to take better quality pictures using your phone.
Pro- Synching music/photos are better with the iphone and iTunes.
Pro- iPhone has a whole family of technology such as the iPad and apple notebooks that allow for seamless syncing and integration
Pro- If you use data more than talk then the iPhone is excellent but if you make calls the iPhone drops a lot of calls. It is clear sound though.
Con- If your phone service is on the Verizon network, then you cannot talk and surf the net simultaneously.

I hope that this list has been informative enough for you to get an idea of the good and bad features of each phone so that you can make an informative choice and good luck shopping for a smart phone.

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