Angel in Disguise

“Motherhood – Gift of immortality with the blanket of care. “

Hey Mum!! , “let me come out.” Mum!! , do you hear me? That was all I could say and ask, lying inside her womb. I never realized the pain that she had undergone while I vehemently kicked her tummy. Her cry and anguish was inaudible to me and “why not”? I was there inside, a pupa in a cocoon, and I couldn’t have perceived even the noise of a loud bugle. I wish if I could ever ask her to forgive me for all such trouble I engendered till this day. But the warmth and philia which I felt while sleeping soundly in her cot still fondle my heart.

Growing up in her “kingdom “was not very difficult; being a school teacher she would be sometimes preoccupied with her work, so I grew along with my sister without much ‘havoc’ at home. Her sense of presence around us was enough to keep us socially engaged with the world.

My mother is like an “Angel in Disguise” who from time and again caress people who are close to her, whether they are her innocent kindergartens at school or her family, especially, Dad. Her vibrant persona has gained her respect among us and in the society. This impression has made me strong and I truly feel proud that I am an offspring of an admirable human kind.

My Mum would soon keep her first step into an old age, though she wouldn’t accept the fact as she still want to feel young and charming as before. But as a grown up of 20 years, I observe this realism. As I continue my journey onward, I promise to walk along with her during times of hardships and things which entails obstacle.

Scribbling anything else would need more substantial vocabulary to amply express my feelings but at the moment my nose is occluded and watering and I am feeling bit dizzy. I need a good tight sleep before the morning rain washes my sweet dreams.

“The touch of my mother’s hand on my forehead enchants my heart and soul.”:

STILL ALIVE!! Love You Ma!!

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