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When a man has a female friend, he may show his affection for her with a gift of a book, an ipod, or an article of clothing. But when a man chooses a gift for a woman he loves and appreciates, the woman closest to his heart, he gives her jewelry.

There are many different anniversary gift ideas regarding jewelry, and a man need only look online or visit a fine jewelry dealership to compare prices, items and quality. “Jewelry” includes a wide variety of adornments, stones, gems, semi-precious stones, and metals. Quality anniversary gift ideas include necklaces, bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings, cameos and brooches. The metals used for a base in fine jewelry may range from platinum to silver to gold. Gemstones come in all shapes and sizes. Diamonds can be pear-shaped, square-cut, round or oval. Stones can be heart shaped as well.

There is a dazzling array of different gem types. Diamonds are popular as engagement rings, but can also be used as anniversary gift ideas to celebrate many years of marriage. Men can also choose from the red ruby, the blue sapphire, the green emerald or the classic pearl. Semi-precious stones include the amber topaz, the deep red garnet, the pale blue zircon, and the purple amethyst. Timeless favorites are star rubies or star sapphires. Of metal settings, platinum is the most prized, gold the most popular, and silver the most understated.

Women love these adornments, and diamonds are commonly known as the best anniversary gift ideas. With so much to choose from, however, you may want to be a little creative in how you buy jewelry. Diamond or peart stud earrings are great for a first year anniversary, and a strand of pearls can highlight your wife as a woman of taste. Semi-precious stones in a sixteen inch necklace are different and fun. A bracelet of emeralds, rubies or sapphires would take her breath away.

The promise ring is popular with the young romantic couple who have not yet tied the knot, and these can be found in gold or silver inlaid with diamond chips. For the more mature woman, celebrating her ten year anniversary, you may want to choose the anniversary ring, a circlet of diamonds, a lovely accessory women covet.

Cameos and brooches are fine anniversary gift ideas for the older woman, or you may want to give her a simple chain for her neck or wrist. Cameos are often carved from ebony, ivory or onyx. Brooches are accessory pins set with different stones.

When choosing jewelry for your wife you may want to consider her personality. Is she outgoing or does she whisper in a crowd? Her jewelry can reflect this.

Also, the right color stone or chain can perfectly set off each individual woman’s coloring. Take into account the shading and texture of her skin, eyes and hair.

Jewelry is not only for women. For the wife seeking anniversary gift ideas, many jewelry dealers carry masculine jewelry. These can vary from a watch, or a ring, to a neck chain or wrist chain. Men may not admit it, but they do appreciate looking pampered and affluent at times. Popular among men are the square cut onyx, tiger’s eye, or garnet stone, set in a large silver or platinum ring. Men also appreciate expensive watches for special occasions. Men’s jewelry tends to be heavier and less delicate than women’s. The jewelry gift for a man should be simple, masculine and reflect good taste.

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