Answering the Call

Where did you come from, my little dog?

Who could have lost you so long ago?

Did they not think to find you… at the dog pound?

A gentle voice in my heart tells me to stop and have a look.

Arguing with myself, no… I do not want another dog!

I accept the call!

I took one look at you with those big brown eyes and I fell in love.

Your belly swollen with puppies,

Sitting on my foot,

Begging me…”please take me home.”

Try to explain to better half…”but she looks so lost and alone,

Yes, I know it is two days before Christmas.

I know that we are having family.

And yes…the house will be full!”

I bring you home full of little pups,

They are rearing to make their appearance.

I shall call you Christmas, Chrissy for short.

Welcoming six little pups into the world,

This blessed Christmas Eve,

Such a good momma you are.

Three years later,

You have won our hearts

Our little dog sent from above.

So happy I took the call.

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