Apple’s IPhone 5 Hype

Everyone is disappointed in Apple as of right now. All the hype about Apple releasing a real iPhone 5 and they never did. The fact that Apple is releasing the same exact model with only internal upgrades is very upsetting. The majority of people could really care less about that.

Apple has introduced a new phone that’s upwards of twice as fast as the rest that was created by Apple. The better graphics, upgraded camera, and the capture video are all great, but these are only simple upgrades. This device works anywhere in the world with even better battery life, the ability to display your photos, your videos, your games, your web browsing and more on your big screen HDTV, and the virtual private assistant that helps you find places to eat and more other things. These aren’t very great updates. It seem like Apple is running out of great updates.

To a normal buyer, Apple just may be the best selling smartphone in the world by leaps and bounds. The design of the original iPhone 4 was not only an engineering feature but a design masterpiece, and there is no reason why a new case should be made for every new Apple releases.

All the hype is out of control this time around and many people in the technology world want Apple to design a smartphone like no other. In reality, Apple did hit the ball out of the park with the iPhone 4S which will be the best smartphone Apple’s ever made, and best smartphone in the world.

The iPhone 3GS is offered free with a 2 year contract, the iPhone 4 is $99 with a 2 year contract, and the iPhone 4S should start at $199 with a 2 year contract, which will make it more affordable for more buyers to get an iPhone. Apple’s features such as iCloud, iOS 5, and all the latest features and services, Apple has the most to offer when it comes to smartphones. Apple is sweeping away the competition in the smartphone industry.

With the iPhone’s being available with three major phone carriers in the United States is a huge deal. AT & T, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint all offer the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S starting October 14th 2011. Once the iPhone 4S hits the store on October 14th, many people will be staying in long lines in order to buy this new smartphone from Apple.

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