Arch Tags

What is the inspiration for a look and the finishing touches to every outfit? Shoes, of course, almost every woman out there has some sort of shoe envy. Those 5-inch stiletto heels, perfectly stylish flats, and even comfy running shoes, we all lust over shoes.

One Manhattan native has taken her Louboutin shoe envy and transformed it into an accessory for your heels! Alex Pappas is the creator of Arch Tags , the newest thing for old dull high heels. With Christian Louboutin as her inspiration (who doesn’t love those red soles), she created a cheaper way to achieve the captivating allure to shoes you already own.

Arch Tags are adhesive removable, tear proof material made to fit the bottom of you high heeled-shoes. These Tags are easily removable and can be used up to two times. Arch Tags come in a variety of colors and designs; they even have one where you can add your own logo.

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