Archery Ideas for the Fall Season

One of the favorite subjects that I offered in my Physical Education classes was that of archery. After working on the simple skills of instructions, I would then move to target shooting at a close distance. We would spend two to three weeks of shooting at round targets. However, once we finished with that part of the unit, I would move on to a section of long distance shooting. This article provides some ideas for that type of shooting.

What is Clout Shooting?
Clout shooting is a form of long distance shooting. My students called it cloud shooting, because they could aim at the clouds. Actually, you place a flag at a distance and the students shoot at the flag. You can substitute other items like balloons or rubber cones, for the flag.

You determine the distance by three factors. Those three factors are your equipment, space and the strength of your students. I usually set my target at about 100 yards. After the first round, I could always shorten or lengthen the distance.

This is a great activity for the Fall season. If you live in the country, it is close to the hunting season. It is usually more cloudy and cooler. It is also something different to do. Students love challenges and this is perfect for those seeking something new.

Students will pair off at the shooting line. The student not shooting will help follow the arrow to its intended target. Each student will shoot a round of five to six arrows. After everyone has shot, all students then walk to the target. Using a tape measure, the arrows are measured to see who got the closest to the target. Scores are recorded and arrows are gathered. We return to the shooting line and the partner now shoots.

To help motivate the students, I would place a five dollar bill in a balloon or place a two liter bottle of Coke as the target. You don’t need to worry about those being hit. They will only be hit once in a lifetime.

I also established a bulls-eye club. Those top students that got within the required distance made the club. I would then have them published in both the town and school newspaper. I always made a big issue out of making the bulls-eye club.

These challenges would motivate the students to work seriously.

Anytime you do archery, you must also focus on safety. Be sure students stay behind the firing line. Make sure that there are no obstacles of living things down range. No students retrieve arrows until the last arrow is shot.

Archery is an excellent Fall season activity for Physical Education classes.

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