Are Oriental Tradings’ Smile Face Flower Pinwheels Worth Buying?

I have been looking around online for means of promoting myself for business. The mailer card in mailbox flags became problematic, so I decided to seek new solutions that did not involve plopping a card on a mailboxes flag. I wanted something to catch potential clients eyes, something they would keep.

This was how I came across the Oriental Trading website, and I am sure many of you have seen, or possibly even purchased from this website.

I decided to go with something simple. Pinwheels. They would be easy, and I could hit up entire blocks by simply sliding one into the ground near the mailbox. The site has many pinwheels to choose from, but their Smile Face Flower Pinwheels seemed like the the only bunch that had a higher quality about them.

For just $10.00 per 36, I figured why not, and I hoped for the best and ordered 5 units. Just enough to cover a few blocks. The Smile Face Flower Pinwheels seemed like the best option not only because of quality, but because the actual straws are made of plastic, and 2 small plastic leaves slide up the straw to create the entire flower ensemble.

For business, I planned on simply taping a card to one of the leaves.

Did everything work out as planned though? Was this tiny investment actually worth purchasing?

I worried about the quality naturally, because everyone who had ordered from Oriental Trading Co. told me to be wary, that sometimes their products are low in quality.

Well I have to say, I must have gotten lucky, because the quality was really decent. The pinwheels come in 3 colors, pink, purple, and blue.

The only quality issue I had was with the blue pinwheels, which seemed to be made of a different type of plastic, so those particular flowers were a little shabby looking compared to the others. However, it still worked fine, and did the job.

I especially liked that everything was plastic, because I did not have to worry about the weather ruining them, if it were to rain.


The Smile Face Flower Pinwheels did require some assembling, but the job was done easily. You simply pop the flower pinwheel onto the plastic stick, and then add the 2 plastic petals. I was done assembling all of the units in about 45 minutes.

Overall: If you are looking for a clever way to promote your business in your community, I would highly recommend these. They are also great for party stuffers for kids birthday parties.

Cute, eye catching, and good quality is what I got from them, so I have no complaints.

You can find these pinwheels here.

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